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We all know, that actor/comedian Eddie Murphy was stopped in a Toyota Land Cruiser with Atisone (Shalomar) Seiuli, a 21-year old ‘transs*xual’ prostitute wanted on a prostitution charge.

Murphy claimed he was playing “good Samaritan” and giving Seiuli a ride home.

The tabloids had a field day.

Murphy filed a $5 million dollar lawsuit, accusing the tabloids of trying to damage his reputation and his publicist called the reports ‘malice and reckless.’

What you didn’t know: Murphy quietly dropped the lawsuit against the ‘National Enquirer’ and helped the tabloid pay their attorney’s fees.

Also, the transs*xual prostitute that was a passenger in Murphy’s SUV was allegedly working on a book disclosing her numerous celebrity clients, some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

On April 22, 1998, Atisone (Shalomar) Seiuli fell to her death when ‘she’ was supposedly trying to enter the fifth-floor window of her Korea town Apartment from the roof, after having accidentally locked ‘herself’ out.

The manuscript for ‘her’ book has never been found and remains missing