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 BBhiphop said
no idea if this has been addressed in all the pages, but:

'Ghostface & Cappadonna- Reason ghostface wore a mask in the early days is because he was wanted for robbery when the wu 1st blew up, Cappadonna owned some drug houses here on Staten island for a little while after he got money, i dont know if they're still in business'

Cappadonna went flat broke in 2002 (maybe earlier) and became a cab driver to support his family pretty safe to say he doesnt own sh*t/has businesses at that time
wasnt cappadonna or his manager an fbi informant aswell

 PCP MC said
MC Ren confirmed this & said they would be at Jerry's house looking at gold leaf wallpaper he had like WTF....also confirmed by Dre's former bodyguard/assistant Bruce Williams in his book

Big Hutch from Above the Law said Eazy admitted to him just before he died that he found out Jerry was fu*king all of his artists financially. Then he fired Heller & all his lawyer relatives. Right after that he got diagnosed w/ AIDS & a few months later died from pneumonia his body couldn't f*ght off.

BG Knoccout said he knew cats w/ AIDS who were around much longer than that & said that the virus normally doesn't k*ll a motherfu*ker so fast

everyone know eazy was k*lled by jerry heller and the JDL, and he was gettin extorted by the latter