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Most legendary thread ever. So much good stuff. A lot of rappers are not really "about that life" while others put that dope money to work like Birdman. Crazy to see how much they switched up but a 100 mil gonna make anybody switch up. If there is one thing i can add to this post its this:

Them lousiana n*ggas are by far the realest to ever be in the rap game. There always from there city (didnt move there when they were 5 or 10 or some sh*t) and really grew up in the hood. C murder, Slim, BG, Baby, all them n*ggas had so much love in the hood on there come up. Boosie, more recently, can walk in any area in baton rouge. I know this isnt sh*t, but you gotta respect them boys in NOLA and Baton Rouge.