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snoop claims crip, but never caught a case till he started rapping. was approached by suge at an award show around the time of their beef, snoop stood his ground. has a rep of being bogus to fans.

pac had a good rep with fans off camera, would always sign autographs and take pics, even the times he wouldnt he was polite about it. before he met tim roth to discuss the making of gridlock'd, he asked the director to not let him hear any of his music, he didnt want his public persona involved.

young buck spent some time at deathrow records when juvenile was fu*king with suge. he had dope charges before he got signed to g unit.

50 lies and exaggerates alot, he was shot at 9 times, but only got hit 3. he;s also contradicted himself on how the ja rule beef started. and yes