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ja rule was a jahovas witness, born in a black neighborhood but moved to a white suburb as a kid. was never a thug. did throw it down with 50 cent though, 50 snuffed him and he actually fought back.

dmx, far as i know a real dude. when he'd come to chicago he'd smoke trees with peeps from cabrini and chill on north ave. one of his best friends was a latin king leader.

nelly,never a thug,never thought he tried to come off as one till i saw beef 3 ( notice around the time of filming beef everyone becomes gangster outta nowhere lol)

young jeezy hustled, but isnt and never was bmf. more than likely they just backed him financially to get in the game.

some of the beef sh*t is fake and put on. if you watch closely in beef 3 you'll see humpty giving t.i. props, later on you see t.i. rolling off in a hummer and you see humpties and a camera mans reflection against the hummer.

ludacris always claims atl, but lived in champaign,illinois till he was 16.

about young buck getting robbed in nashville? dont know, but he's lied about it before, among other things.

50 cents street name before he got signed was "boo boo"

lloyd banks was never a hustler or a thug, he was one of those stay in the house kids.

tony yayo was in pc the entire time he was locked up, they used to call him something like 'afraid to walk the yard bernard"

eazy e was a gimmick, and had no shame in it. was never a crip or kingpin.

ice cube lived in the white burbs all his life,never a crip.

dj quik was a real blood with street cred

big fase 100 has been knocked out more than a couple times, usually by another blood.

triple og t rodgers one of the pioneers was clowning big fase ( among others) on youtube ( funny video).

t rodgers appears in the movie "colors", he was the guy pacman hit and arrested.

spider loc contradicts and exaggerates sh*t, especially on g unit rivals, his street cred in la, ect..he admitted that game(before game got signed) hooked him up with bullets cause nobody else had any,lol.(if youre crippin like you claim, why you got to call a blood to get some sh*t?)some say he used to be a blood. also known for blocking people that challenge him on his website.

more to come.....

more to come........