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 QueSunTzu said
Everybody you know is sheep. Nihha I'm telling you straight up non of my OGs wear yeezy's nihha. I'm 80's baby. I act like a 70's baby. Yeezy's are some generational sh*t. If you under thirty yeah I can see you wearing yeezy's because you not DC like. You not cut from that cloth. I would wear some Moneyattis before I wear some yeezy's their corny and they look like walmart or payless shoes with no logo.

Nihhaz from the crack era don't wear yeezy's nihha thats some 90's baby or 00's baby sh*t. Nihhaz who try be something they not wear yeezys. Nihhaz who think they from LA or ATL wear them sh*ts. Real block bleeders still stick to dress code we had for years.

I'm talking about nihhaz from my foundation and my hood don't were yeezy's unless they little nihhaz. Show me a picture of nihha over 30 years old wearing yeezy's in the trenches slim. That's some kid sh*t.
You talking about old heads. Y'all don't dictate fashion trends bruh. Keep your old a*s in the past and don't speak on the present.