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50 facts lol

- 50 cent was shot at 9 times but only got hit 3 times << this is true i know that

- 50 cent never really held sh*t down in queens he only sold drugs.<< if you think about it its true

- Surpreme one time slaped 50 infront of his building for fu*king up some sales. <<< i dont know about this one i just heard it.

- 50 cent got kicked out his high school for selling drugs

other facts

- Cory Gunz ghost vote that verse for shaq dissin skillz. Cory did it for the shaq money.

- 2pac almost shot some young kids in his house with a M-16 .lol i saw this on a dvd

- Saigon been in and out of jail mostly his whole life.

- Ghost Face fu*ked up mase for talking sh*t

- Cam'ron and lil cease had a one on one f*ght in bad boy offices.

- Cam'ron is half black and half Panamanian

- Cam'ron owned a liquir store with his mother

- Cam'ron went to texas state college to play basket ball. Him and mase dreamed to make it into the nba.

-murder Mook was a star high school player who had a scholarship before getting into rap.