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 IDRIS said
If there's 10 people in an economy and a total of $100 in that economy and 1 man has $75, you do realize there's only $25 left for 9 people?
(Now scale up 10 people to 300 million)

In layman's: every 35 year old can't be monetarily rich. It's impossible. So your quote by the Alibaba owner is null and void; false, covert double talk.

Idiots like you can't think outside of the worldly patterns of influence. So, as a result of your ignorance, you begin to think more and more like the world and pedal your own foolishness as an accomplishment.
Projection 101:

I quoted Jack Ma's statement that if you are still poor by 35. Not if you

are "not rich" by 35
so save your babble for another conversation if i ever say "if you're not rich"

To add, i grew up in Europe, idiot, so your idiotic a*sumption fell flat

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