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 SPdaGOAT said
Gamecube didnt flop and the 2DS was put out in the same vein as the GBA micro. it was never meant to fly off shelves just to introduce someone to the 3DS library for cheaper, which is what the switch lite is doing. Iwata is not rolling over his grave for something Nintendo has always done.
gamecube did flop. your opinion is irrelevant, gamecube flopped commercially. stop stanning. Even THEY considered it a flop, and cold dropped support like they did the wii U. and if the switch lite is in the same vein how do you then turn around and say parents will buy it? where did u see milion of parents buying a 2ds? or a micro? How bout you go fin me a presser well nintendo is touting the sales of the 2ds. You said this sh*t was gonna sell, but You jus talk in circles contradicting yourself at every step. just like the micro, and the 2ds as you correctly stated this sh*t will hardly do anything for the bottom line. At all. 2ds sales did NOTHING for the 3ds. the micro did NOTHING for the game boy, and the lite will do NOTHING for the switch. We have never went out and bought worse version of hardware. the biggest 3ds seller was what? thats right smart guy the 3ds XL, not the sh*tty 2ds version. Like i said the OG switch will continue to outsell this crap. Only the nerdy and uninformed will buy a switch lite