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LMAO the irony that those are almost liberal states too and the most expensive, highest gas tax of any state (Cali). Almost impossible to get a carry permit (ny) ohh and itís only 1200 a month for a pod (sf). The democrats are the all talk party (they lost to trump) lol. Shows how incompetent they are.

Now dems want to get Americans on more govt programs so youíll never vote republican again and be trapped voting for dem or youre free money from the government will be taken away.

The democratic debate showed how out of reality these dems are. All they did was talk sh*t about our current govt. it was a sh*t show with most of them just bombarding the other , basically a screaming match of who can go louder.

Itís insane that anyone would think more people on big govt programs would be great for this country. If you think politics are sketchy now wait till the govt decides which companies we are allowed to use and not use. Itís all about money baby I think Hillary spent 3x more money than trump , another ironic mention , with her being for the middle class. Lmao. This is all a ploy for votes from low iq, poor people and probably illegals. Remember these are the people that want to charge an American for not paying for health insurance but they want to give an illegal alien who trespassed into our country free healthcare. I wish I was wrong about this info as well but itís all a pretty smart con.

Think about it , this is Bernieís how many time running? Now whatís his next big ďgoalĒ? Paying off student debts , his base is pretty much college kids so the smartest thing he could do is say weíll pay off your college (this is just a ploy for a vote). Itís nobodyís fault you were dumb enough to pay 200k to goto some dumb school and pick a retarded major. Itís almost like a certain manipulation on these dumb n*ggas who pay attention to nothing and see this dumb white dude saying Iíll pay your debt! What you think those uneducated gonna do? They gonna say Bernie is the best.

Then we got the dude wanting to give someone 1k a month for free? Lol , explain to me how taking 1k from someone then handing another person 1k can create a trickle up effect? That sh*t donít work, poor people are poor because they have no ambition, no education , have 10 kids , etc. itís a poor reflection on yourself and maybe Iím different because I grew up poor so I saw first hand how dumb poor people are. They have a 700 dollar rent with 450 electric bill cause they leave the front door open with ac blowing out, or eating McDonaldís every night wondering why your life sucks.

Iím honestly worried what Democrats will do to capitalism , yeah itís not perfect but itís the closest thing we have for making a name for ourselves. People have to understand the lesser of two evils , thatís how you look at sh*t.

The biggest problem we are facing is mental heath issues , but no body talks about that, dems wonít even say its mental health for all the shootings. They think banning a gun thatís used in less then 2% of k*llings will solve the problem. Another retarded policy that doesnít help anyone just slowly takes more and more of our rights away.

This wealth tax is about the dumbest sh*t Iíve heard. They wanna tax Wall Street, these people who are top 1% of 1%. Guess what these are people with special skills that 99% cannot even comprehend , why should you suffer for being smarter? Or having more ambition? Is that fair? fu*k no itís not, you know how hard it is to make money on Wall Street? Then we take their money and give it to degenerates to go buy LV belts, Jordan sneakers , fast food everyday, drugs and expect these people to get their sh*t together. The thing is the dems donít care about that, once your hooked on the govt program then you really going to feel how great capitalism was when you actually had the opportunity to be something. Now your stuck on govt programs that you can never get off and can never vote for a republican again. Remember thereís way more poor people then rich so Iím sure the dems will find a way to trick honest Americans in voting for what ďtheyĒ believe in.
You summed it up. All facts in this post. KEG2020.