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 Bravo Golf said
Good stuff. If you can, try to pick the brain of whomever the senior salesman is. I had this one cat schooling me. He had been at the dealership the longest and was always first in sales each month. He gave me a few good gems, but I didn't have the patience to put them to use. Our dealership got very little traffic, and I got tired of working long hours just to sit around. Social media wasn't really popping yet when I was doing it.

The best advice I got from him was scoping the car the "up" pulls up in. Look for bumper stickers, rental car stickers, anything that can be used to spark a casual conversation. This same advice helped me when I was called back into the military for recruiting duty a couple of years later. That helps break the ice and puts people at ease. As you're having a conversation with them, ask them questions here and there to uncover some of their buying motivations. But don't ask the questions in rapid succession like an interview. Instead, sprinkle a question here and there so that the conversation flows naturally. Even if they don't buy a car that day, if they do decide to come back to look again in the future, they'll remember you and ask for you if another salesman should approach them first.
Fa sho

I gravitate to any of our managers for advice. But the one the most been in the business for 30+ years. Gives out advice to folks who wants to listen and coachable. Been gettin me together. Hell I even met Rick Case and his Wife when they came in to check on things.