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 zhiggeman said
interest. Cant help but feel some of you singing AEWs praises are just jaded Wwe haters. The show is cool, like a throwback to wcw thunder than a new show like say NJPW or how EXW hit the scene. I feel the same about NXT. When on the network nxt was good because I was comparing it to raw/smackdown/impact/njpw/RoH. But just putting it against AEW they are equal with neither being more special than the other. AEW suffers from the impact effect, where mid carders from other Promotions are treated as headliners there. Jack swagger is not going to put a*ses in seats for the long run and neither is moxley or cody. Jericho is gold no matter where he is.

Jr and Tony make the show watchable but nostalgic again I love how they into new guys so they dont seem local but we need characters everybody cant be the flipping guy or the tough SOB. And that's what its feeling like to me. The chicks are wack. If it's one thing I can give impaxt/tna credit for is getting womens and tag teams over. AEW needs to get that niche. Plenty of indys left in womens and If the E is snatching up people like shoti they better hurry up
not going lie tho. NXT HAS BEEN BETTER. if nxt did not exists then aew would be it. even tho i saw better matches in mlw and roh and lucha underground and new japan. but whatever.

nxt keith lee vs jiak was 5 stars.

bel air making short work of richto girlfriend was fire.

mia yim vs Lo shari was ppv quilaty

street profits vs undispute era was fire.

that middle east karate dude vs peter dunne was moty worthy. seems like they wasfreestyle wreslting combine with mma. or had a personal backstage beef and was free to freesrtyle the match on some goldberg vs william regal sh*t.

adam cole best in the world n*gga vs jordan myes was flames.

dat n*gga lio rush vs orny lorch was fire.