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 FcukItImOnOne said
Always see this game on lists but never looked into it...what kind of game is it?

I never said they had to be only hidden gems or underrated Iíll give you Bayonetta, but the others are all def forgotten or overlooked by casual gamers & MC:LA was underrated, it scored low to average a lot bc of the difficulty, handling & small car roster even tho it was better than any NFS game at the time which was overrated & over-saturated.

Might still try Skate 2...I heard itís the same as 1 but w diff level designs & gameplay loops.

Hell yeah, I forgot ab this. Great action game.

Yo I forgot ab Oddworld. I remember the spin-off game Strangerís Wrath on Xbox was a fu*king great overlooked fps/3p adventure

Old school Ninja Theory. Never played it. Is it as deep as DMC4 or 5?

DI was my sh*t for the longest. Def the best God of War clone out there, plus I love creepy & gothic horror sh*t. Itís 6th gen, but Darkwatch is a great fps w a similar gothic horror vibe.

7th gen was def the last to have a lot of fun, random a*s games. So many Gears, COD, and DMC/GoW knock many jank-ass games using Unreal 3. There was lots of risk taking that sadly never happens these days...just unfinished games-as-a-service BS & endless micro-transactions
I compare Heavenly Sword more to God of War 3 imo