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Lil Wayne - Day 6 in Intensive Care


Lil Wayne is still in rough shape ... and remains in the intensive care unit at an L.A. hospital 6 days after being admitted for seizures stemming from a suspected drug overdose ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... Wayne's condition has not improved enough to be moved out of the ICU ... and he continues to be monitored very closely by staff at L.A..'s Cedars-Sinai hospital.

We know Wayne has been surrounded by friends and family since he was admitted to the ICU this past Wednesday ... and we're told the mood around Wayne's bedside has been very serious.

Among Wayne's visitors -- Drake, Chris Paul, Nicki Minaj, Birdman and others.

TMZ broke the story ... Wayne's stomach was pumped at least 3 times after doctors suspected he had overdosed on the prescription drug codeine ... the main ingredient in "sizzurp."

Wayne has struggled with codeine for years -- and just a few months ago suggested he had quit using the powerful painkiller. .. l-los-angeles/


What happen to all that TMZ lying or he's up walking around and watching the syracuse game image

I understand they are trying to downplay it for his privacy and potential flood of people at the hospital(he's not MJ so people won't be releasing birds n sh*t, but still a big star) but they should have put out something more official than Slim on chicago radio station or mack maine misspelled tweets about his condition


I still feel this is feeling levy to help out his album that comes out next week.....

Here's medical reason from a Doctor on his condition

Dr. Michael Privitera, a professor and the director of the Epilepsy Center at the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute, spoke to MTV about what could be causing Wayne to have seizures.

"Some people have unrecognized structural abnormalities in their brain or a prior history of trauma that is enough to create an electrical disturbance," Privitera said. "But I'd probably say that if you were [Wayne's age] and you were coming into my office with your first seizure, in half of those people you won't find a reason. Drugs and alcohol are traditionally the precipitators of seizures. Promethazine [one of the active ingredients in syrup] can trigger seizures in someone who is predisposed," he said of the drug, which is found in combination with codeine in prescription-strength cough syrups. "It has a non-specific effect on the brain and there's a complex interaction of chemicals in the brain that some of these drugs can interrupt,"

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