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Justin Igore 
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 Bklynzfinest said
didn't read after the first line to be completely honest...I have money to make and u want to argue...this illiterate holds a physics and math dual bachelors and several professional certifications, making 6 figures...miss me with ur fu*kery on a Tuesday early morning...must be on ur period.
You didnít read because you canít read. I should have just deaded it. I know you trolling but Im giving you the benefit of the doubt just incase you lonely trolling through your depression.

Hold up n*gga... did you just say youíre a math genius in response to me calling you illiterate? I may have to block you so i never have to see your stupid a*s again lol

I know you broke because you went straight to talking about money. n*gga I will money spread on this bi*ch with stacks of blue faces. Donít make me do it. I just took a grip out the bank for my birthday. Last person you wanna talk that with on here.