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Don't forget both Timbaland and Dr. Dre signed dude, that never happened before and ain't likely to happen again. Timbo said he reminded him of how Big spit. I was a big fan of him.

This whole story was so perplexing to me.

Clearly dude was crazy, his songs Sucka For Love and suicide were an indication of what was gonna happen.

But it seems when those playa types finally do really commit to a women they might commit, double entendre don't ask me how.

What I never understood was Floyd role in all of this.

If both were really that close and Floyd fu*ked her, that's pretty foul man. Ain't nothing that can excuse that kinda behavior.

Now if that was true, how crazy is it that Floyd just went on with life like nothing happened? Nothing ever became clear about that incident past the initial rumors.

If Floyd is really that heartless, I feel less bad now for 50 clowning his a*s lol he can take it.