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He Hate Me 
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 ezduzit said
I’ve always been a dog so it’s hard for me to have straight platonic relationships with women I’m attracted to And usually there’s always s*xual tension anyway.

A lot of y’all don’t realize women are the same exact fu*king way. If they find you attractive they’re gonna wanna fu*k. A lot of y’all claiming you have a bunch of female friends you don’t fu*k must be ugly or gay.
Why do y’all a*sume n*ggas who can’t get pu**y are the only ones to have females friends?

That’s what makes having them easier lol. I’m not tryna fu*k cause I already have chicks im talking to. Not to mention she will have female friends you can try to smash.

Every dude not tryna fu*k every chick he encounters. You tryna smash every chick you meet? Every chick your type?