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 panamaican said
Of course my father was present, he taught me how to pick up women. And my mother was present, she taught me how to have a relationship with a woman that wasn't based on s*x.

And yes you should listen to women for advice on women. It's the same thing as when I tell a chick, you want advice on what a dude is looking for? Don't ask a chick because she don't know, she knows what a chick wants, not what a dude wants.

And if you're trying to understand where a female is coming from on a subject, you don't ask a dude because he doesn't think like female.

But you're asking the wrong question. You're asking where the fathers are for guyy who can engage a woman without it being about s*x. But the real problem with fathers is "Where are the men/role models who should have demonstrated how to have a healthy non-s*xual relationship with a member of the opposite s*x?"

What type of information and modelling did these guys get that they never saw a mature, adult male have a non-s*xual relationship with a woman? There's a deficit there somewhere.

They never saw a guy talk to a woman about a subject that wasn't intended to be s*xual? n*ggas is emotionally stunted if that's the case.

Yeah, I know. Beta this, cuck that...from people who literally cannot imagine hanging out with someone unless the other person has a d*ck?

Think about that sh*t. This is those people: "Hey you wanna hang out?" "Depends, do you have a d*ck?" "No." "Then I can't hang out with you. I can only hang out with people with d*cks...otherwise I get uncomfortable if I'm the only p*nis in the room."

You can miss me with that, lol. Learn to hang out with people you're not trying to fu*k, it's healthy.
And you think women give straight up answers to you? They laugh at you for even asking them about other women.

You ARE A MAN; you dictate how you move.

You dont change who you are or conform. They fit into your life; not the other way around.

Women act the way they do now because yall allow that shi