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 REG773 said
Question for you and the other betas who think women giving advice on women and helping you pick up women is cool

Were yall fathers present? Did they teach you?

And if not who were your male role models/teachers/influencers?

Do not listen to women giving advice on women.
Of course my father was present, he taught me how to pick up women. And my mother was present, she taught me how to have a relationship with a woman that wasn't based on s*x.

And yes you should listen to women for advice on women. It's the same thing as when I tell a chick, you want advice on what a dude is looking for? Don't ask a chick because she don't know, she knows what a chick wants, not what a dude wants.

And if you're trying to understand where a female is coming from on a subject, you don't ask a dude because he doesn't think like female.

But you're asking the wrong question. You're asking where the fathers are for guyy who can engage a woman without it being about s*x. But the real problem with fathers is "Where are the men/role models who should have demonstrated how to have a healthy non-s*xual relationship with a member of the opposite s*x?"

What type of information and modelling did these guys get that they never saw a mature, adult male have a non-s*xual relationship with a woman? There's a deficit there somewhere.

They never saw a guy talk to a woman about a subject that wasn't intended to be s*xual? n*ggas is emotionally stunted if that's the case.

Yeah, I know. Beta this, cuck that...from people who literally cannot imagine hanging out with someone unless the other person has a d*ck?

Think about that sh*t. This is those people: "Hey you wanna hang out?" "Depends, do you have a d*ck?" "No." "Then I can't hang out with you. I can only hang out with people with d*cks...otherwise I get uncomfortable if I'm the only p*nis in the room."

You can miss me with that, lol. Learn to hang out with people you're not trying to fu*k, it's healthy.