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 panamaican said
Of course women are the same way. A lot of female friends are chicks who would fu*k you if you let them but you don't. Some of them are chicks you would fu*k if the moment presented itself.

That's fair.

But I think its wild how many dudes are insistent that you can't have a female friendship that's not strictly about trying to smash. They've never met a woman who was just a cool person to talk to?

I won't speak for anyone else but I've met plenty of cool a*s chicks that I've hung with over the years without trying to smash. Go to the bar, grab a drink, talk about work, dating, politics, etc. They've helped me pick up chicks, get a female perspective on relationship issues, put me on to things that girls are checking for. Things I wouldn't talk about with my boys.

I think people are going to have very unhappy relationships later in their life if they never develop the non-s*xual side of their relationships with women.
Question for you and the other betas who think women giving advice on women and helping you pick up women is cool

Were yall fathers present? Did they teach you?

And if not who were your male role models/teachers/influencers?

Do not listen to women giving advice on women.