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 ezduzit said
Iíve always been a dog so itís hard for me to have straight platonic relationships with women Iím attracted to And usually thereís always s*xual tension anyway.

A lot of yíall donít realize women are the same exact fu*king way. If they find you attractive theyíre gonna wanna fu*k. A lot of yíall claiming you have a bunch of female friends you donít fu*k must be ugly or gay.
Of course women are the same way. A lot of female friends are chicks who would fu*k you if you let them but you don't. Some of them are chicks you would fu*k if the moment presented itself.

That's fair.

But I think its wild how many dudes are insistent that you can't have a female friendship that's not strictly about trying to smash. They've never met a woman who was just a cool person to talk to?

I won't speak for anyone else but I've met plenty of cool a*s chicks that I've hung with over the years without trying to smash. Go to the bar, grab a drink, talk about work, dating, politics, etc. They've helped me pick up chicks, get a female perspective on relationship issues, put me on to things that girls are checking for. Things I wouldn't talk about with my boys.

I think people are going to have very unhappy relationships later in their life if they never develop the non-s*xual side of their relationships with women.