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 MissStush88 said
I just... smh

I have male friends that i would not fu*k
and vice versa. Most of them frat or homies from HS ( you know all the NYers clique up when you move to GA lol)

Everything doesn't have to be physical attraction. People can have platonic bonds with the opposite s*x that arent family members or parasitic.

Some of yall gotta get out more.
all that happens in those groups are relationship comparing and eye-fu*king

im not allowing my wife or significant other to have dates with dudes idc where they knew each other from....

but then again; never married and no children so i can set boundaries and don't have to cave....

this modernized attitude women have is the reason why marriages/relationships are failures.

gender roles are non-existent and people don't understand what the real definition of marriage was.