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 ezduzit said
Iíve always been a dog so itís hard for me to have straight platonic relationships with women Iím attracted to And usually thereís always s*xual tension anyway.

A lot of yíall donít realize women are the same exact fu*king way. If they find you attractive theyíre gonna wanna fu*k. A lot of yíall claiming you have a bunch of female friends you donít fu*k must be ugly or gay.
pretty ,much

they want the conversation and attention but they already got somebody fu*kn them and a backup or 2

you have to wait in line and by waiting in line it means bowing out and telling her you aren't going to waste time not pretending to be okay with her not giving up the pu**y

she will hit you up

dudes who stay around n play the friend role while other dudes are blowing her back out will not get her respect

pllus youll forget about her and have other chicks...this 1 will just become another option when she gets tired of the fu*kery and you're the hope for something "real"

i can tell real fathers are missing from a high number of households.

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