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 Rugby Jones said
1st im only talking bout black folk , give2 sh*t the others
2nd we glorify drug dealers to the point its nostalgia. Classic Black sh*t.
Like something we're Proud of

Who The fu*k is Proud of Cooking Crack in 2021 ????????
Bring this up around successful black people they'll look at you like a Fool

Normally I'd agree,
but not today.
and I'm not going at you but I'm sick and fu*king tired of people trying to make rappers the role models for all Blacks.

n*gga named "STOVE God COOKS",
you can deduce from the name alone he ain't outreaching or tryna start up the new BPP movement.

I think you being overly judgemental about a n*gga named STOVE God COOKS is about as logical as a n*gga trying to push a boulder up a mountain side.

I don't care about none of that fake a*s "Pro black, My BROTHER" bullsh*t.
because if we gonna be legit about things, the whole world fu*ked up.
White People, fu*ked up
Spanish People, fu*ked up
Asian People, fu*ked up the whole world ( just jokes to my asian n*ggas on here)
So to act like we, Black people, must be the shinning fu*king example is fu*king fluke.

When I wanna be on some uplift my community sh*t, I be on some uplift my community type sh*t. when I wanna be on some Ignit a*s music sh*t, I jam n*ggas who drive Roll's with Stoves poking out the back.

(sorry for the rant, but your comment pure bullsh*t my n*gga)