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1991 Honda Accord Coupe With Just 30K Miles (5-Speed Manual) Is Up For Auction


Thereís an honest 1991 Honda Accord Coupe for sale on Cars & Bids right now, and itís quite the peach. This Cobalt Blue Pearl (looks nearly black) two-door is a two-owner car with just 30,000 miles on it. Itís the mid-level EX trim, and it has a five-speed manual transmission hooked up to the 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine.

Calling it a two-owner car doesnít tell the whole story, though, as the second owner only purchased it in 2019. We sure would like to know what the original owner was doing all these years with what is a super normal Honda Accord, but at least we get a lovely time capsule today. The beige seats look hardly sat in, and the engine bay is downright pristine.

Its 2.2-liter four-cylinder was not one of the high-revving VTEC engines Honda employed at the time. That said, it was still a modern engine, featuring an aluminum construction, 16-valve design and electronic fuel injection. Power maxed out at 125 horsepower and 137 pound-feet of torque, making it a torquey bugger for a Honda.

You can only tell that this car has spent 30 years on this planet from closer inspection of the details.

For example, the flat black paint on the wiper arms is fading away to reveal the shiny metal underneath, as it does on seemingly every Honda from this age.

Thereís a small imperfection here and there, including a dent by one of the taillights, but itís largely a very clean example of a 1991 Accord.

The post says itís being sold out of Iowa right now, but itís not made clear where it spent the first 28 years on the road. Its lack of rust anywhere leads us to believe that the first owner either lived somewhere without salt, or never took it out in the winter.

As of this writing, the car has one day left of bidding and sits at just over $6,000.

This car is likely as close as you can find to a brand-new 1991 Accord Coupe on the market right now.

The only ďmodificationĒ is a head unit with Bluetooth connectivity, but the owner has the original radio if you want to roll it back. Weíll be watching to see how high the bid goes, and because thereís no reserve, somebody is going to be getting a seriously cool new toy.

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