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 Lupe Hunter said
I don’t hate Hov, he a natural born hustler and businessman. And while he’s done solid moves help rapper with their legal situation. This deal seems weird, I think he’s only doing this to get his sport agency in better position, give n*ggas puma deals and have rappers perform halftime at the super bowl .

NFL this deal is hey look guys we got Hov, everything’s cool 😎
Bolded, He's a business man so i believe all of that, and that's not a bad thing, getting your sport agency in a better position by creating a better relationship with the NFL is not a bad thing, giving n*ggas puma deals (money) is not a bad thing, having rappers perform at Half-time at the super bowl (exposure) is not a bad thing, he's helping himself and others, that's not a bad thing.

and to your last sentence, i believe that too, but we need to see the results, if the social just campaigns are done in good taste, if they create some dope incentives and what not, then we can judge, as of now though, i don't see a single thing wrong with this, i 100% understand looking at the deal with suspicion because of the egregious way that the NFL dealt with Kap, but if the initial premise of the deal is to fix that reputation by doing real things that garner real tangible results, then let's see how it goes.