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Sep 6 - "Crack Music" Why Game's verse is missing!

If you have listened to "Crack Music" from rapper Kanye West's sophomore album "Late Registration" you'd have noticed that the guest appearance, Game, says just 10 words on 4-minute-plus track. Wonder why? "Yeah I don't really want to talk about that," replied Kanye West when asked why nearly 1 1/2 minutes of "Crack Music" features just the plain instrumental between Kanye's beginning and end verses. "We ran into some issues with time and other problems, basically," Kanye continued. Despite his answer, rumors have been circulating on the internet of the lack-of speech from Game. Insiders close to the Game camp, and those close with the "Late Registration" project say Game's verse was entirely removed from the album. "He had a hot verse on that track and the beat behind him changed up a little, I think its still on the final release, you know, cause Game wanted to do a little something for Kanye with him producing "Dreams" for him," said a source close to the "Late Registration" project. "It was removed, the whole verse due to the heated beef with him and 50, and Kanye just felt like he didn't want to push a beef between him and G-Unit so he wasn't ruining relationships with Eminem. He wants to work with Em, so you know, it was in his best interest to play down Game's guest appearance." Sources around the Game camp say that Game was so angry with the removal he contemplated a diss-track towards Kanye. He decided against it.

source = hiphopfoundry

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