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 LocdUpProd said
The better yakuza game

I fu*king hate reading subtitles

The dub >>>>
Such poor taste you have;).

 Jae_Hood_354 said
Lol you would beat a yakuza spin-off and struggle on a puzzler
Of all the things to get tripped over. mini games are known to keep people from the Platinum tho. Puyo Puyo this time is one them(and the drone races), you got to win 25 to 35 consecutively to reach the final opponent and win that. Since i dont play Puyo Puyo regularly, this is a problem because the ai dont fu*k around. Ive gotten close. so I'll eventually get it. I hope they dont bring back Puyo Puyo for Shin Yakuza(Yakuza 7)tho

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