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 SPdaGOAT said
That was by design and judging by the sales numbers, they made a good decision to stop being direct competitors to MS and Sony
That may be, but the system was barely more than a novelty in the overall conversation of seventh gen gaming.

The whole reason they made the Wii U was to try and court actual gamers.

Nintendo wound up, by design or not (I think it was actually not) catering almost exclusively to casual gamers, families, and young children more so than it ever had. No matter which way you cut it Nintendo sacrificed a TON of market share (at one point GameCube had 38%, I can’t find hard numbers on the wii butnid be surprised if it was more than 20%) and had to pivot in order to stay afloat. They did, and I’m glad, but to act like the Wii was some sort of huge success of the seventh gen console wars in this particular conversation is really just playing semantics. It wasn’t a good gaming system it was a novelty toy that sold very well.

I give them a lot of credit because the bounce back with the switch has been executed to perfection.

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