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 kat717 said
For example if you owe 1000 on a credit card don't settle for the 600. Because it will just be considered closed out.
You can settle on your behalf.. dont settle on thiers.. It really doesnt matter which way you do it acutally but if you do it on your terms you can adjust it to how much you want to pay.. example
I have a bill for $734 .. The company sent me a letter saying they will settle for 556 or somethign like that. I sent them a letter and told them that i will settle for half. which is 367. they can either dismiss it or take it.. in which. I havnt paid them any money before so if im trying to give them money, most companies will take your offer. then just have them give you a recipt of Paid in full for you to fax to the CRA. then they will remove it. or adjust it accoringly