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 Tastemaker331 said
Homie all you have to do is look at my post history in this section to see my contributions. I actually talk business. Numbers. I’ve helped people on this site actually make money
I’m in pharmaceuticals....I know for a fact that I operate on a higher level than you. All your little “I bet you don’t even....” a*sumptions are hilarious swings for the fences
you are such a child. you are the one making all the a*sumptions dont you hear yourself?

and do you think anyone thinks you are making money when you come in here talking nothing, and you are trying to count other peoples money. my a*sumptions are trying to figure out why you are why you are. like what are you doing. nothing right. just mad about money?

this constant acting like you are so big, do you think anyone believes you. wtf is your deal bro. you have so much to prove. lol

you keep name dropping this pharma stuff.
you wanna know how much money other people make.
you have a merc as your avy.
you project onto other people.

you have so much to prove to the world its kinda sad. thats how i know you aint sh*t lol. you know how crazy it is to come into threads and just be like im in medical industry im a nurse. i drive a merc to my doctors office. who gives a fu*k. what in the absolute world do you think youve been doing...this whole time.

dont you have anything to do. we know i have price action. all weekend. and i dont have a job. so im here watching like i said, watching closely at key zones. why do you have all this time to argue with someone about nothing. about nothing you would ever care about.

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