Thread: News Article or Interview What's the new wave when it comes to making money?
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 DrakeSavage said
tbh i wasnt even talking to you bc i know i speak a different language and bc you havnt added anything this whole time. but see i was one of the originals here on bx talking about bitcoin way way way back. ive changed my name a few times. ive moved. so nobody knows where i live. you think im gonna dox myself to some kid on the internet who has no idea what hes talking about lol. i remember what it was like to have a job. my family owned a company so i ran that for about 10 years. but i havnt worked since 2016.

also i love that i spelled out the 14k top 6.5 bottom. then the next day it hit the 50% retracement and thats all gibberish to you. lol. cme futures, forks, hash rate. im speaking a different language
Jesus man. Give it up
Iím not going to take you seriously