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 fam said
the chinese government has invested billions upon billions in xinjiang - bullet trains, 21 new airports, etc.

they've mandated that lower income children at risk of being recruited by jihadists attend school to better their chances in life - an effort that cost them a billion dollars over the last 5 years

they've been successful

this is not a concentration camp:

most poor uyghurs in rural areas grow up illiterate and impoverished - china is known for their sweeping reforms that pull its people out of these situations

there are thousands of mosques in xinjiang, and there are tons uyghur celebrities in chinese popular culture - calling any of this an ethnic cleansing and spreading those insane organ harvesting clickbait stories is stupid and just doing the US government's PR for them

This is ethnic cleansing.

This is the same as all the foul sh*t the US did to the Native Americans in the earliest 20th century: To save the man, k*ll the Indian. And it is genocide. Stop carrying water for despots.