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 Chedda said
ha naaaah, I get asked how to do it probably every other day.

I had some pretty terrible ones in the beginning, but it didnt take long to figure out how to make them look better.

For example, look at this one....

Notice his head is moving in a weird way. That was because I would add the head as a new layer then edit it accordingly and adjusted it to fit. The problem was that every time I adjusted the size of the head it wasn't the same exact size as the previous frame. This is the result.

Lets say I edit the very first frame and saved it. The two pictures (background and head) are flattened and merged together. I later learned, instead of adding the head into every frame...

I CTRL + Z and it unflattens the previous frame (frame 1) and separates the two pictures again (background and head). Then I delete the background (frame 1) and add the next frame (frame 2) with the same head that I used in frame 1. That way, the head will be the same size in all the frames cause it is never adjusted big or small. So it is kind of in reverse than adding the head directly to every frame. With this, I add the background to every head. (If that makes sense)
I thought the head moving made it funnier