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- Styles p stab a guy in the club in the a*s for talking sh*t

- Some People in the game that have alot of RESPECT really have ghost writers . I'l let you figure it out.

- Papoose was gonna slap Dj Klay slay outside of hot 97 cause dj klay slay wasnt giving him a chance to listen to some of his stuff. Papoose ran up on klay slay real mad and klay slay said " you know what im gonna take your demo but if you not hot im coming back to look for you so i can fu*k you up my self for wasteing my time" That same night klay slay called up papoose and signed him the very next day cause the sh*t was fire.

- Some of Papoose close friends were k*lled growing up.

- True Life robed prodigy in a studio cause prodigy used a verse that was suppose to be on tru life's album.

- Tru Life went to jail for driving under the influence

- Fat Joe was moveing most of the crack in the bronx in the late 80's

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