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The Ice Cube/W chain thing was kind of close to truth. What happened was that he was working with KAM (he was signed to cube's street knowledge productions), and cube jerked him on royalties. After trying conventional methods to get his money, KAM resolved to "take it out of his a*s". KAM's D.J., Solo, crossed paths with cube in the streets, and tried to have a gentlemen's talk about things. When cube tried to brush Solo off, Solo proceeded to beat the fu*k out of cube and snatched the 'W' chain off of his neck. There is a picture in murder Dog magazine with Solo, Kam, and B Real from Cypress Hill holding the chain. After this happened, Minister Farrakhan summoned KAM, who's a muslim, and cube to Chicago to have peace talks. KAM speaks on this in the song "Whoop Whoop".