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 Yd4001 said
-LL Cool J was cool with Alpo and many other rappers had drug ties then.(False,he got robbed by the real 50 Cent)

dont try to school me just 'cause you saw that documentary

'cause most of yall never even heard about 50 cent from forte green before it came out

tell me how its false doggie

what does alpo from harlem have to do wit 50 from brooklyn?

back in the early days of hiphop, rappers & drug dealers were much closer than you think
sh*t like irv gotti & supreme mcgriff were common back in the day, money laundering or in other words turning dirty money clean, rap was the hustle back in the day kid!

regardless of what old time rappers say now, they were gettin paid decent money back in the day,its just that they wasent makin millions on albums & tours like it is now, dana dane,kool mo dee,& big daddy kane used to be the trendsetters like jigga or usher is now, krs-one used to have some fly a*s whips, big a*s dookie jewelery wasent cheap back then & sh*ts wasent hollow either

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