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 i am not a MOD said
and if u listen to the mind right remix jay-z, memphis bleek, h money, and beans, jay is talkin to pun and joe.-just the facts.
I dont know why people still think he was dissin Pun on that record.Pun was dead by then.Jay was dissin Meeno.

 i am not a MOD said
question- when beanie sigel was freestylin accapella diss to jada, was it in person with jada there, cuz i read somewhere that jada was standing right there and took offense to "im raping his mom and makin him watch" cuz beans actually met jadas mom, and beans was bout to fu*k him up but he ran off stage- Just a question????
It was at a Philly concert.Jada broke the truce they had by dissing Beans at the concert.Philly didnt like that so they started to throw sh*t on stage.Then Someone called Beans and Beans went to the arena and Puffy brought him out and he did the freestyle