Thread: Other sports or leagues "Ownage" Thread (Post ya Ownage Gifs/Pics)
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 A-N-D-1 said
Isn't this the game that Jason Williams + company went on that run at the end and Duke won. So if it is funny then Duke laughed real hard!!!
nah, it was when duke lost the acc title in 2004 when gilcrest got his grown man on... and md made the tourny as like a 4 seed cuz at the 6 seed in the acc tourny... they beat the #3, 2, and 1 seeds all in a row. they prob weren't even gonna make the tourny b4 that... it was really more amazin than the syracuse run...
duke made it to the final 4 whhile md was upset early though so i guess u can say they had the last laugh...