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Devilís advocate, but I donít feel bad for these hoes man.

Itís one thing if a dude jus be beatin his bi*ch over anything to give himself some kind of power, thatís weak.

But if she cheated or stabbed him in the back, then itís anything goes, you took that risk by being a wh*re. Statistically, one of the leading factors for violence and murder is domestic related incidents.

Some of these mfs be all the way deep in love and crazy about they girl. Something endangering that can literally make a mf lose it and go insane. These hoes know that too, and also know the exact type of mf they fu*kin wit, especially if they been wit em for some years, and still choose to jeopardize that cause they too c*ckthirsty.

fu*k em.
Yup sorry I donít feel bad for hoes when they cheat and get murked I wonít do it cause I love my life but somebody who already on the edge sh*t gone head make a example out of these hoes