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Mrniceguy  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Chino XL Punchlines! (puttin copywrite to shame)

Time slips away like pop singles on the radio

My click is stoned like they eyes gazed upon Medusa

You blew up like Roseanne's belly
Your style's too old to do me like Aaliyah and R. Kelly

Kill all my complexes make any crowd scream and yell
Oppose and catch a bullet in your back like Philip Pannell

You was a platinum artist 'til the complex got into ya
But I spread new rap styles like prostitutes spread chlamydia

"fu*k friends long as a bi*ch bends (Benz) like Mercedes
Invade your mental like U.S. troops invaded Haiti's
Ladies, that are Latin be lovin me more than Desi Arnez but
My voice be aggravatin bi*ches like Rosie Perez SO
I breaks a virgin's hymen open like the seventh seal
"I'm givin them, somethin, they, can feel"
I explore a woman's v*ginal region like Lewis and Clark (please douche)
I might decide to eat the bush like Sandra Bernhardt
Now even the Japanese girls wanna blow me like I'm Sony
But like Mike and that Presley bi*ch, the relationship is phony"

Beats fat like Melodie sweet like Bellamy
You're gellin me more than n*ggaz at PMD shows be yellin for E

fu*k strike a nerve, I massacre strike a main vein
One line from my brain could turn Bar Mitzvah's into Soul Train

Industry k*lls, I go for the throat
I treat you all like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's marriage-
One big joke

fu*kin up lives like teenage pregnancy

Pray with one eye open, shootin more Led than Zeppelin
Dysfunctional like the Jackson's, death is my obsession

Stress me and, I'll make you see more stars than planetariums

Slice like a cesarean, shoot like insulin

Your individuality is missing like Adam Walsh
Your image faker than the hair on Diana Ross

I'm hot like Patra, Doggystyle on all fours
End your career like Christopher Williams did Al B. Sures

Cause I can give Beverly, Demi and even Melvin Moore (more)
Van Halen, Eddie, get Ellen ready make Pauly Shore (sure)

Watch you collapse and die like you was River Phoenix

"n*gga fu*k a punch line, I write fu*king punch rhymes
I'm gorgous so when I'm performing just leave your girls at home
I'm the best thing to happen to bi*ches since the straightening comb"

Dude is raw :applause: