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 flav said
This is mine now (used android in cars since 2015, paid $350 for it. 8 core, 4Gb ram, 32GB SSD):

Been doing that since the CarPC days back in ‘08 plair (back in the days, OS was Windows XP )
Here are old pics of my build back in 09(intel core 2 duo, 4Gb Ram, 120GB hard drive... mini custom PC was mounted in the trunk behind the twin 12” + unit have been sold a loong time ago now lol)

I used to custom build 8” touchscreen LCDs and installed computers in cars and made them look as factory as possible, (cut, paint, sand, automation) from scratch, whole build cost me around $800 in parts total back then... how times have changed lol

In the OP case, the potruding screen is madd goofy, which is the novelty i was referring to. Now when it comes to Android in cars? Oh hell yeah lol i can’t live without it LMAO
Im looking for something like that now. Where can I find that?