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 niruggg said


$dxcm 146.99
$tndm 64.82
$trxc 1.31
$lyv 69.66

other holds
$CRON 15.29
$MJ 31.74
$ACB $7.54
$BOMN 23.80
$HRVSF 6.02
$CRLBF 10.00

newest pick
Realty Income $O 69.99
Realty Income monthly dividend long term leases with Home Depot, Walgreens, Dollar General, FedEx, 7Eleven, Walmart, CVS, Sams Club, BJs, Kroger, TBC Corp.

Thatís crazy. I just recently bought a few shares of $O came in here to see what yíall taking about and I see you got some wayyy before me. Letís me know Iím doing the right research, Iím on the path bro lol.