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 quentyburga725 said
Yes, I was already leaning towards getting it prior to purchasing my 11pro max.

Searching for a DSLR but I’m new as to which exactly what and what lens kit to get. I’m not a professional photographer and I don’t shoot weddings. I want something that does videos as well.

In your opinion, what do you recommend because I know the prices can range from +500- 5,000k depending on what you purchase. Like I said I’m not a photographer, but I want something I can grow into. I’ve always been fascinated with the hobby and I enjoy the art
everyones preference is different. I prefer Canon but you can't go wrong with Nikon, Panasonic, Sony or Pentax. I would just buy a nice used camera instead of going all out for a top of the line... get used to the controls, learn all the tech aspects etc. You can get a decent used cam for under 300 (canon/nikon) thatll prob come with the standard 18-55 lens

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