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at&t mafia...well never stop raising victims extortion fees

visit this link .. starting-today

It seems AT&T cannot refrain from hiking their prices. Just last month, the company sent emails to their customers alerting them that their legacy AT&T TV NOW packages would increase starting November. Depending on their plans, customers would see their bills increase from $55 to $85 in the course of a month, while others are going from $35 to $65.

Now, the company is raising prices on their AT&T TV NOW PLUS and MAX plans by $15 starting today. AT&T confirmed to The Streamable last month that the AT&T TV NOW PLUS plan will increase to $65 (from $50), while the MAX plan will increase to $85 (from $70).

When asked about the price increases, an AT&T Spokesperson told us, “We’re adjusting our pricing to reflect the cost to deliver content to our customers. Customers can contact us at any time to review their plans or make account changes.”

Back in March, when AT&T TV NOW was still DIRECTV NOW, the company discontinued their existing plans and introduced the new PLUS and MAX plans, which included significantly fewer channels, but added HBO in the package. In March, AT&T added Viacom channels to the package, but it still has significantly fewer channels than the original plans