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 sinsay said
How would you suggest usin TikTok to make money? Really interested. Haven't used it before so idk how it works but I've seen some of the vids

Here's a link that's helpful, look around that website too as it gives a lot more social media opprotunities to brand your business.

It seems lame and corny, I know. But lameness can get your bills paid these days. The main goal is broadening your viewership to places you wouldn't be able to reach.

Let's break it down. Let's say you have a good product but people don't know about it. Let's say 10k people see your self generated user video, most are going to skim past it. Let's say 5% love it and go grab your product. That's 500 new customers.

And let's say hypothetically half of those people love it so much that they become repeat buyers. That's an additional 250 seperate sales, coming to 750. And with more generated videos,the more likely sales will increase.

It's all hypothetical though, it all starts with a good product and a creative marketing plan.