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 qutaboi225 said
Fool I'm VERY successful and post grad educated. I dont need some self righteous bi*ch a*s n*gga to tell me what obstacles I've had to go thru to get here. Rather than talk down from my high horse, I acknowledge the things that were OBVIOUSLY put in place to stop my progress. I didnt complain, I overcame them. But I'm far from **** enough to pretend like I wasnt told my loan was denied with a 780 FICO score. Or they weren't "interested" in my money. I could go on about disparities on the books like the bill from 18 fu*king 95 that we JUST voted to get rid of or how they closed every hospital and half the schools on one side of the city but those things dont matter because bi*ch a*s n*ggas like you pretend it's not intentionally done to affect certain folk. fu*k u
man up... you are always crying about what someone did to you in your posts.

Take responsibility for your life.