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 Knucklez said
sennheisers are the goat audio brand imo. Apple sheep would cop these if they wanted quality as opposed to following the herd
everything I bought from them has taken a beating from me and stood a reasonable test of time. I just dont like their branding all on the top of the buds. In that sense I do like the obscurity of the galaxy buds over most the brands I've seen. air pods just look ridiculous with that sh*t protruding out the bottom of ya ear

my friend.. do account for discount tho because everyone ain't trying to spend 300 and use multiple types of audio devices.. some may go for ear covering headphones for your "quality" source .. some things true wireless just cant compare to when you want to talk about truly expensive audio output devices.. I say this as an audio head that has tried many.. buds are still new to me but from what I've researched theres levels they just arent on yet. some people just do buds for notifications.. good ambient sound and call quality as well as waterproofing and comfortable maneuverability on the go

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