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She was the "fastest girl in America", not the fastest woman in the world. Pretty sure she would have come across a different level of athlete in collegiate or world competition. Not to say she hit her wall, but at that point it was "potential".

Went to a program that was designed as one size fits all, not tailored towards specific athletes. Based on the docs I've seen about Nike's athletic research campus, it sounds like this was a rogue director. Kids go into the wrong program from every level (high school, AAU, college), hell you even see it in the Pro's.

I know it sounds callous and dismissive, and I would be angry if it happened to my kid or someone I knew, but it comes down to people not researching the program thoroughly. Nike and her didn't thoroughly vet the coaches strategies, so it's ultimately the product of a bad hire.

Wonder what her financial compensations were while she was on the "team"?