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 stlcardinals19 said
I knew that there were a few free Blacks in the South that were involved in kidnapping rings back in those days, so it's not truly impossible for a mercenary hunter to be Black. But I mean.................why make a slavery-Era piece about a badass Black woman and NOT get some satisfactory violence in, whether it was historically documented or not, against White Supremacists/Slavers for the Black audience in today's world of rampant White Supremacy still going on? Like maybe the slaver knocks out the overzealous Black hunter sure, but like then he gets shot w/a cannon and then his entire band of friends get lit on fire or something cathartic like that. But instead she just lets him go..................

Like someone said earlier, the major studios will only allow this if a white person is the hero.

With Black Panther, the white dude was the hero of the movie.